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MindTouch Lavacon

Awards Overview

Entries into the program are judged on their own merits, not against other entries. We have selected content strategy experts and noted industry professionals to review entries and validate entrants’ achievements.

Share Your Work

Have you/your team made a significant contribution to how content is generated in your organization, such as creating a portal to aggregate content across multiple silos? Or perhaps you streamlined how your group writes content moving to structured authoring? Have you reduced costs, or lowered tech support calls? We want to hear about it!

Award recipients receive certificates for each member named on the application and an award badge to place in email signatures. Recipients may be asked to present their case study at a future LavaCon Conference, or at one of our monthly LavaCon Content Impact Webinars. We will publish the most inspiring stories on the upcoming Content Impact website, where your work will inspire and encourage others to start their own journey into greatness!

Finally, the Award Team will send a personal letter to your boss and to the president of your organization, informing them of your award and of the impact you have made to you the success of your organization and your customers.

Submit Your Entry

Ready to share your story? Start our application process and let us know about the impact you have made. Have more than one project? Submit them both!

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