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Eligibility and Rules

To be considered for the 2018 award cycle, documented achievements must be completed by September 1, 2018. We cannot judge entries that are planned or in pilot stage. Entries turned in after that date will be included in the 2019 award cycle. 


When submitting, limit the number of people and organizations cited to eight. (This includes the names of people and departments involved with the project.) We will use the names as they appear on the entry form for the digital certificates. We understand that there may be more than eight people involved in the project, so feel free to share the award and recognize those individuals internally within your organization.


There is no cost to apply, no cost to win an award, and no cost to have your content published. 

Our submission process is a three-step process.

  1. Fill out the entry form, giving us an executive summary of your project. We will review all submitted summaries and choose those that tell their stories the best. We will contact you to let you know that you’ve made it to round two.
  2. During this step, entries are fleshed out into a full case study. These submissions must follow the Harvard Business School format for case studies: We will make it easy to provide the required information by creating a form for you to fill out. Once the case studies are complete, our judges get to work scoring the case studies for the awards.  Winners are notified, and we will move to the third and final step. 
  3. All winning  entries are published on our Content Impact website where winners will have the ability to work with our content management team to make sure their story is ready to be shared with the world. Once we are all happy with it, the story made public.

Supporting Files

Please upload supporting documentation (screen shots, graphs, before and after metrics, etc. to an online Dropbox and include a link in your application.  (If the dropbox is password protected, please include the password in your application.)

Unacceptable Material

Entries must not contain pornographic, hate-based, or other offensive content. We want award winners to make a positive impact on everyone and not be exclusionary, divisive, or offensive to individuals or other groups.

Terms and Conditions of Entry and Usage Rights

By submitting an entry, entrants affirm they:

  • Own or have permission to share content samples, entry artifacts (documents, PDFs, graphics, videos, etc.), and other entry materials  
  • Have identified the significant contributors to the achievement and have not left significant contributors off the application
  • Really have done the work documented in the award application
  • Give LavaCon the right to publish the award entries royalty- and license-free
  • Give LavaCon the permission to use applicants’ names and samples at LavaCon, in  marketing for both LavaCon and the LavaCon Content Impact Award, and in technical communication education, and indemnify LavaCon against copyright infringement for using content as such. This includes, but not limited to promotion on social media, print publications, and video broadcasts.
  • Agree that the decisions of the judges are final

If these terms and conditions are not acceptable to the submitter and their organization, their entries are not valid and will not be judged or eligible for any award.

Judging/Acceptance Criteria

The LavaCon Content Impact Award goes beyond recognizing excellence in the field of content strategy, content marketing, or technical communication. We feel that excellence should be the norm and is too low a bar for qualification. Instead, we recognize those content projects that have a true and measurable impact on their given audience or organization.

Our judges are experts in the field, and use their experience to evaluate entries based on the information supplied in the submission form. Judges assign a number value from 1-100 for each of the following criteria:

  • Impact of Change
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Organization Adoption
  • Return on Investment

Entries must obtain at least a 85 average score to receive an Impact award.

Judges may contact the references supplied in the submission form to verify content and to clarify information found on the form.

Best of Show

For each calendar year, a Best of Show award will be presented to the entry with the highest average. In the case of a statistical tie, the tie-breaker is determined by a consensus of all judges.

For 2018, the Best of Show award will be announced at LavaCon in New Orleans.

Non-English Language Entries

LavaCon accepts non-English language entries, and will judge the entry in this language as long as judges can be found who speaks the language. Otherwise, LavaCon may request English translations and subtitles on entries.

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